Equipment Upgrades

Machinary upgrades at competative costs, avoiding huge costs of new equipment. Older machines can have a new lease of life with new, current technologies incorporated to future-proof older hardware.
A complete re-build of an exteremly well used 5 Ton straightener / leveller offered huge cost benefits over purchasing new equipment. Inclining the roller head also lessened the floor space required. New bearings, machined rollers, new lubrication system, air cylinders and control equipment, plus a lick of paint.
Anyone familiar with coil handling equipment and has these old machines in use, will appreciate the complexity and costly servicing of the drive system that was employed. The old ‘Carter gearbox’ and clutch/brake unit (on the left), was very efficient at providing high torque drive throughout its full speed range yet expensive to repair if not maintained. Wear and tear was common and appeared quickly in its lifetime. Modern DC motors and drives was the cure. The dc drive replaced this by utilising a more efficient way to control feed rate and speed.
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