Engineering & Upgrades

We can offer both electrical and mechanical services to repair / maintain or upgrade old equipment to new and reliable standards.

A substantial amount of money can be saved by updating rather than replacing. If your looking to invest in used equipment, we can provide a low-cost survey of the equipment prior to purchase and generate a list of any possible faults, serious wear or immenent issues not seen during initial inspection prior to purchase.
1962 Motor technology
Current Motor technology
Prehistoric contactor arrangement to control this old beast
Modern frequency controller to control a standard 3ph motor with up to 60% typical energy saving
Old relay technology, try finding the fault here, without schematics !!
This outdated relay panel measured 800 x 800. The actual i/o count with the machine was less than 24! The control relays were replaced with plc logic and was confined to a cabinet 300 x 400. Integrating a 7” hmi, all control can now be monitored and displayed for use and diagnostics