Inspection Services

Safety / Press Inspections

We can carry out inspection services to keep your presses within current compliance. The following list is an ouitline of services available All our inspections are non-obligitory, any remedial actions can be quoted at very competative costing. PUWER Inspections Power-press Insurance inspections - HSG236 (formely recognised as PM79 inspections) Equipment safety assessments, Emergency actions and operations Fixed guarding systems Interlocking guard systems AOPD equipment (light curtains/barriers) complying with HSG180 Clutch control and its safety implications Maintenance and servicing

Press Inspections

Safety systems

All safety systems checked and verified, to include but not exclusively : Locking & non-locking guard switches Emergency stop devices & associated circuits Optical light curtains and scanners

General Assessments

If your not sure what type of inspection is required, or just want an appraisal of machinery condition without byas, this is the right choice.
Thorough inspect as guided by HSG236 guidance. Outline: Safety tests Operational tests Installation electrical tests Documentation requirements User functionality
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